English interface for 1C:Enterprise

Until recently, the lack of English interface has been a major problem for domestic market solutions developed on the “1C:Enterprise 8” platform and designed for business automation.

“FirstBIT” developers succeeded in solving this problem: using language packs created by our company, customers receive the English interface for configurations on the “1C:Enterprise 8” platform.

The English interface for automated information systems is a real need for the domestic companies operating in global markets, as well as for foreign organizations working in Russia. Thanks to the English versions of “1C”, Russian and foreign companies gain powerful tools for automation of business management processes.

Extra opportunities given by 1C English versions

Thanks to its language packs, the “FirstBIT” significantly extends the capabilities of domestic and foreign companies to use software products based on the “1C:Enterprise 8”.

The range of “FirstBIT’s” language packs is:

  • full access to the functionality of “1C” products with the English interface, absence of any restrictions on the standard features;
  • a unique solution that has no analogs in the Russian market;
  • complete, professional and high-quality translation of the subject terminology in English;
  • support for standard configuration update.

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Key challenges in implementing 1C solutions with English interface

Despite the need for 1C solutions in English, until recently, Russian and foreign companies faced a number of difficulties when attempting to implement them:

  • absence of the information about 1C products in English;
  • absence of an English interface for the products;
  • absence of accurate translation of the terminology;
  • absence of a system integrator that can execute an implementation of a 1C product in English.

First of all, foreign companies have been worried about the problem of assessing the quality and functionality of 1C solutions. These companies’ experts simply could not evaluate the products and draw conclusions on feasibility of the implementation. The English-speaking employees have also been unable to work with the 1C products.

Significant difficulties have been created by the fact that Russian experts, who were not familiar with the Western terminology, made the translation, and “1C” partner companies did not have a sufficient number of English-speaking professionals, as well as sufficient experience in the implementation of such projects.

Transform 1С:Предприятие 8 into 1C:Enterprise 8 – the way out has been found!

The “FirstBIT” company succeeded in finding a solution to the issues that plagued the creation of high-quality and functional “1C” business software with the proper English interface.

The successful creation of English-language packs was made possible thanks to the fact that the “FirstBIT” company possesses:

  • In-house developed system for a fast translation to another language called CAT (>Computer-assisted translation).
  • This system helps to shorten translation process up to five times compared to the classical approach to 1C configuration translation;
  • In-house translators who know the terminology of business automation systems;
  • A hands-on experience in the implementation of “1C” solutions abroad.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in 1C:Sales Management (English interface)Selling rules in 1C Sales Management (English interface)

Warehouse Management in 1C Sales Management (English interface)Management of sales representatives in1C Sales Management (English interface)

Language selection in 1C: Russian / English

The “FirstBIT” company’s “Sportivnaya” project office is specialized in the implementation of automated information systems in international companies. We have English-speaking project teams: all our specialists – from developers to project managers – speak English.

We can translate your configuration’s interface not only in English but in other languages as well.

English interface for the standard 1C solutions

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