1C-Logistics: Warehouse management 3.0 software for warehouse management (WMS)

In the modern business environment, stock management and retail supply chain software solutions are the key to successful inventory and logistics control. 1C-Logistics:Warehouse Management 3.0 – is a warehouse management software (WMS) system and joint software product by 1C and Axelot designed to automate all warehousing operations.

This solution, which enables the full automation of all retail supply chain processes, has been developed on the 1C:Enterprise 8 technology platform and offers numerous functions that will improve the efficiency of your warehousing and logistics operations.  Due to its flexibility and scalability the solution is suitable for warehouses of any size and type Рfrom small, separate warehouses to large warehousing complexes.

The solution will enable you to:

  • Optimize storage area usage;
  • Reduce warehousing costs;
  • Cut turnaround costs;
  • Eliminate inefficient warehousing operations;
  • Improve inventory management and control;
  • Reduce PLC costs;
  • Minimize human error.

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