1C:Enterprise 8. ERP (1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management) — software solution for manufacturing

1C:Enterprise 8 Manufacturing Enterprise Management is a seamless fully-integrated ERP-solution that creates a universal information space for enterprise management.

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  • 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management has proven to be a highly reliable ERP software solution, and is widely used across the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • The system has approximately four million existing users;
  • According to polls, 88% of clients rate 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management as “good” and “excellent”.
  • This sophisticated yet simple-to-use resource planning software solution provides a universal information space for organizing manufacturing enterprise data. The application supports all the main management and accounting procedures, including internationally recognized enterprise management methods such as ERP, CRM, SCM many others.

    We’ve also developed the Language Pack – a special tool supporting an English interface.  The application translates input data into English, enabling users to work in the system in both Russian and English simultaneously.


    • Production management:
      • Production planning
      • Expenses management and cost value calculation
      • Product data management
    • Fixed asset management and repair planning
    • Financial management:
      • Enterprise budgeting
      • Fund management
      • Mutual settlement management
      • Business accounting and tax accounting
      • International Accounting Standards
      • Consolidated report generation
    • Warehouse, distribution and inventory management
    • Sales management
    • Procurement management
    • Customer relations management
    • Personnel monitoring and job rating
    • HR & Payroll calculation
    • Performance monitoring and economic activity analysis

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