1C:Enterprise Accounting 8 (1C:Accounting 8) — financial accounting software

Built on the 1C:Enterprise platform, 1C:Accounting 8 is our most popular accounting software package and streamlines financial accounting, auditing and tax calculation.

The software is specifically designed to automate bookkeeping and tax accounting while ensuring compliance with all mandatory Russian government reporting requirements.

The 1C:Accounting 8 package is regularly upgraded to ensure its reporting functions remain up-to-date with any changes in financial reporting requirements introduced by the Russian Ministry of Finance. The application also supports the IFRS reporting module.


To learn more about 1C:Accounting 8 and how it can help your business meet current Russian financial reporting requirements, contact us now.

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Key functions and benefits:

  • A flexible, user-friendly interface;
  • Accounting and auditing functions to meet all current legal requirements;
  • A proven tool for calculating tax and generating tax returns;
  • Multi-user operation mode (when working with MS SQL server);
  • Cash and non-cash transactions;
  • Transactions can be recorded in roubles, standardized monetary units or any foreign currency;
  • Multiple business accounts from a single database;
  • Inventory management and batch-level accounting – Last-In, First Out or First In, First Out;
  • Group-wide accounting;
  • Tax accounting;
  • Asset management of fixed, combined and/or intangible assets;
  • Manual and/or automatic posting of financial transactions;
  • Payroll calculation;
  • Comprehensive reporting architecture;
  • Custom-built configuration and administrative tools;
  • Creation and organization of financial databases.

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