Higher Education Software

FirstBIT University Management

FirstBIT University Management has been specifically developed to improve university and college administration. This series of higher education software solutions has been created to facilitate a wide range of functions including admissions, planning and provision of tuition, faculty organization, student services, HR and preparatory courses.  Designed for small and mid-sized universities, as well as larger educational institutions with a network of branches, FirstBIT University Management provides a unified data management and ERP system aimed at improving the management and delivery of higher education services.  The application also supports a comprehensive information system for students.

Key features and benefits:

  • Operational monitoring of attendance and academic performance;
  • Analysis of demand for various subjects;
  • Staff planning and workload management;
  • Co-ordination between administrative departments and faculties, thus eliminating data duplication and related errors; 
  • Improved management of the whole organization, increasing the appeal of the university to students and other stakeholders.

FirstBIT University Management includes:

  • FirstBIT Admissions Committee

FirstBIT Admissions Committee is designed to automate the entire cycle of Admissions Committee activities including:  registration of applicants, registration of applicants admitted to entrance exams, enrolment lists, verification of exam results and admissions documentation and admissions data collection and analysis.

  • FirstBIT Education Department

FirstBIT Education Department is designed to streamline the day-to-day running and financial management of secondary and higher education institutions.

  • FirstBIT Academic Staff Workload

FirstBIT Academic Staff Workload automates and improves time-tabling and workload planning and helps boost the performance of academic staff.

  • FirstBIT Preparatory Courses

FirstBIT Preparatory Courses is designed to streamline the management and delivery of training courses.