SFA Software Solution

FirstBIT Catch

FirstBIT Catch is a new generation SFA that accelerates your company's growth.

All the great things are simple. Our new generation SFA software is incredibly easy to use for both managers and sales representatives. For your sales representatives the system calculates and analyzes needed data about orders, sales, timing and much more. For managers it gives a full updated picture of the representatives' work with the help of the powerful QlikView data analysis technology. As a result, FirstBIT Catch increases your revenues by:

  • Shortening the time of communication process
  • Transparency boosting
  • Managing of employees'motivation

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Moreover, our product is easy to install and integrate in business. We want you to focus on your business development rather than on understanding how FirstBIT Catch works.

That is why we offer the "No worries" business model with new SFA Benefits:

  • Easy to use and easy to change
  • Easy to install
  • Following simple standards according to sequence of screens
  • Control over SR on the route — GPRS
  • KPI automated and based directly on visit data from system (no paper)
  • Fast transfer of orders to distributor system

FirstBIT Catch

  1. Aggregator of distributed Cloud data storage.

    The platform is to be installed on any remote device in accordance with the company requirements/standards. IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) functionality is supposed from the cloud provider.

  2. Mobile application for iPhone4 or later.

    Serves for sales force automation during visits to customers' outlets and for carrying out remote operations with them.

  3. Summary analytical reporting on SFA.

    Detailed analysis of sales representatives' work and results as well as the analysis of auditors' activity in terms of SRs work.

  4. Web-applications for data management (master data, structures, routes, checklists).

    Serves to manage master data, checklists answers, visits routes, control data exchange with distributors, control orders acceptance and transfer, manage hierarchies and products. Provides authorized access with limited user functions according to the functional role-playing matrix.

  5. Exchange data with other D-ERP systems.

    Universal documented software interface providing access from any distributors' ERP-systems that support standard web-service access and options of data exchange in XML format.