Health Care Management Software

FirstBIT Medical Center Management

Our FirstBIT Medical Center Management software application has been designed to facilitate the automation of operational, administrative and management processes in health care organizations, including medical centers, clinics and medical practices. The solution is fully integrated with the 1C:Accounting 8 package, enabling you to manage your health care organization more efficiently, while complying with government regulations and streamlining your financial accounting processes.

Key Features:

  • Full patient data management:
    • Patient details
    • Patient records including previous visits and medical histories
    • Insurance information
    • Registration and SMS-messaging
    • Many more optional features also available
  • Billing and Payment Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Management Reports
    • Sales & Services
    • Financial Reports


  • Transparent, easy-to-use accounting functions including inventory control, sales reports, stock management etc
  • Reduced costs through the optimization of inventory management and operational resource allocation;
  • Increased patient satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Wide range of data analysis and reporting functions to improve decision-making.