Hotel Software. Management and Accounting in a Single Solution

FirstBIT Hotel 8

FirstBIT Hotel 8 is a fully integrated, ready-to-use hotel management software solution suitable for all establishments from large hotel chains and motels to individual guesthouses and hostels. Specifically designed for the hospitality industry, this package will improve hotel management, automate booking and reservation processes, optimize resource allocation and boost customer loyalty. FirstBIT Hotel 8 enables comprehensive automation of all hotel management systems and is built on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. Comprising point-of-sale software and hotel reception software, this package will help you streamline reservations and improve guests’ front-of-house experience. In addition, the FirstBIT Hotel 8 package supports customer data analysis, while allowing discrete accounting for separate legal entities from a single database. FirstBIT Hotel is based on 1C:Accounting 8 thus allowing both operational accounting and regulated financial and tax accounting in compliance with current Russian legal requirements.

Key features:

  • A secure, unified hotel management system with discrete access rights for administrators and managers;
  • Operational and wholesale management with financial and tax accounting in a single application;
  • Comprehensive point-of-sale functionality including automated reservations, group and internet bookings and a swift room-search function;
  • Control over all hotel management processes;
  • Automated payments including cash, credit card and non-cash transactions;
  • Document archiving and real-time statistical analysis of all operational data;
  • Accounting functions compliant with Russian legal requirements.


  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Increased capacity to tailor services to customers’ needs;
  • A more competitive and efficient service;
  • Ongoing operational accounting and control over financial transactions;
  • Better HR management and reduction of staffing inefficiencies;
  • Fast and efficient room allocation;
  • Less room for human error.