Data Exchange Management Software

FirstBIT Data Exchange Manager 8.8

FirstBIT Data Exchange Manager 8.8 is designed to automate data exchange between different 1C:Enterprise 8 software applications. This software allows complete data exchange between your head office and other offices and branches. FirstBIT Data Exchange Manager 8.8 can be used by any enterprise.

Key features:

  • Enables communication between systems with different data structures;
  • User-friendly interface and flexible tools to facilitate data transfer;
  • Three modes of operation including;
    • centralized (data exchange within a single location),
    • delegated (data exchange between several key nodes),
    • decentralized (data exchange between all nodes);
  • Ability to locate data object creation;
  • Priority management at either the level of data exchange node and/or the level of data objects;
  • User-friendly interface for easy data uploading/downloading;
  • Exchange setting by object attribute;
  • Ability to control data packet delivery and removal of change records;
  • Tools for viewing the content of data packets;


  • Improved performance: 95% of data exchange is realized through simple mouse-driven actions;
  • Simpler change records for multiple nodes;
  • Efficient data communication between various 1C:Enterprise applications;
  • Reduction of manual work needed to set up complex exchanges;
  • No programming skills are required to set up data exchange;
  • Full automation of exchange processes;
  • Arbitrary exchange topology.