CRM Software Solution

FirstBIT CRM 8

Effective customer relationship management is an essential element of any sales strategy. Our FirstBIT CRM 8 sales software package is a ready-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution designed to boost marketing efficiency and increase revenue.  Aimed at commercial directors, heads of marketing and sales managers, FirstBIT CRM 8  provides for complete customer service automation and is suitable for any service or trading company that uses 1C:Accounting 8 as its main accounting system. Our CRM solution is fully integrated with other 1C applications such as 1C:Sales Management, 1C:Complex Automation 8, and 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8.

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Key features:

  • Strategic sales planning and management;
  • Marketing management;
  • Sales and marketing investment analysis;
  • Sales force automation;
  • Customer service automation and relationship management;


  • Maximization of revenue from sales and marketing activities;
  • Reduced risk of customer loss resulting from staffing changes;
  • Ability to identify sales stages where most customers are lost;
  • Detailed customer profiling to facilitate market segmentation and resource allocation;
  • More focused sales-force activity;
  • Customer data tracking;
  • Enhanced operational planning;
  • «Snapshot» of the current situation and available tools on a single screen.