BIT Software Solution for Financial Accounting and Management

With the financial management suite, FirstBIT Finance, you will receive a complete collection of completely integrated software package to facilitate financial management. All of our financial software solutions are created on the 1C:Enterprise 8.2 platform like 1C: 1C:Enterprise Accounting8 PROF/CORP; 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8, 1C:Comprehensive Automation 8. Whether these financial accounting applications are used individually or jointly, these solutions will allow you to operate a variety of management operations and are inclusive of enterprise financial software, financial data software, financial report software, financial forecasting software as well as online web accounting software.

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The series of financial tools software, FirstBIT Finance, series is dully-incorporated with the 1C:Enterprise 8 application software and comprises of:

No. 1 FirstBIT Finance. Standard —

this is our fundamental multi-purpose solution for financial management.

Key features:

  • Online sales and procurement orders (including formation of registers, data input and coordination)
  • Analysis of cash flows as well as real-time online updating system
  • Forecasted vs. actual analysis of budget
  • Scheduling of contract payment
  • Automatic invoicing
  • A system for event notification

No. 2 FirstBIT Finance. PROF —

a sophisticated financial budgeting software solution for the purpose of managing business budgets.

Is inclusive of all the features offered by FirstBIT Finance. Standard and also includes:

  • Budgeting of cash flow, forecasting of balance-sheet and all types of operating budgets
  • A continuous process of real-time upgrading and visibility of data
  • Tools for flexible analytical reporting for dynamic as well as fixed models
  • Planning of budgets
  • Ability to obtain data from the GAAP Accounting System of Russia

No. 3 FirstBIT Finance. Corporate Finance Management —

an extensive corporate financial software that is a ready-to-use comprehensive solution for business financial management.

Key features:

  • An equivalent compliance with national GAAP, IFRS and business accounting regulations
  • Financial tools for forecasting
  • Financial management of resources
  • Forecasted vs. actual analysis of budget

No. 4 FirstBIT Finance. Financial Management of A Public Institution —

a consistent financial management system software for the purpose of financial planning, funds control, cash-flow and expenditure in public organizations.

Key features of this software are:

  • Total operational control over financial resources
  • Complete functions for budget-planning
  • Better financial management and risk reduction

Key tasks of the FirstBIT Finance series

  • A 360-degree solution for all corporate financial management needs
  • Comprehensive cash-flow control and transparency
  • Contract management
  • Full control over financial resources
  • Forecasted vs. actual analysis of budget
  • Compliant with IFRS standards for consolidation and reporting
  • Comparable financial accounting to match agreed standards of domestic and international regulations


First BIT now offers the FirstBIT IFRS 8 software application. The software aims to assist our customers in drawing up consolidated tax and financial reports that match an array of diverse accounting regulations. FirstBIT IFRS 8 is a solution that allows accounting data compilation that is in compliance with legal conditions of Russia, while simultaneously provides data to match international as well as other regulations of accounting, including IFRS, corporate standards, national GAAP etc.

Key Functions and advantages:

  • Quick, trouble-free financial reporting that matches IFRS reporting and national GAAP obligations
  • Is operational on all kinds of accounting base
  • Multifunctional and extremely flexible (mapping tools, account charts, budgeting, report builder etc.)
  • Adaptable methodologies available
  • Direct connection between IFRS transactions and source documents
  • Has the ability to make changes in ending periods and in processing business transactions with various dates in compliance with IFRS and Russian accounting obligations
  • Easy movement of accounting records to IFRS accounting from the Russian accounting system.

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