Automobile Service & Sales Center Management Software Solution

FirstBIT Automobile Service & Sales Center Management

FirstBIT Automobile Service & Sales Center Management is a comprehensive software package for companies engaged in the sales and repair of motor vehicles, including automobile dealers, car service centers and repair workshops. The FirstBIT Automobile Service & Sales Center Management software solution not only provides all the benefits of our standard 1C:Enterprise accounting and management solutions, but also has a number of additional features such as inventory control, a repair history function, service jobs accounting and stock management ie of spare parts etc.  Specifically designed to meet the needs of vehicle sales and service companies, our automotive software is easily customized to meet the exact requirements of your company, while adapting to your existing technologies and operational processes.

To use our Automobile Service and Sales Center Management package, you need 1C:Enterprise 8 software including 1C:Sales Management 8, 1C:Complex Automation 8, 1C:ERP 8 and 1C:Accounting.

The FirstBIT Automobile Service & Sales Center Management software packagecomprises two modules:

Automobile Sales Module
Automobile Service Module

Key functions of the Automobile Sales Module:

  • All operations available via a single interface, establishing a fully automated workplace (AWP)
  • Inventory search functions by vehicle specification, availability, price, customer, layaway etc.
  • A universal vehicle directory for all subsystems;
  • Comprehensive life-cycle tracking including a special vehicle-card system to categorize vehicles by make, model, configuration, optional specifications, manufacturer, etc.
  • Fully automated processing of customers’ purchase orders;
  • Flexible  pricing and discount calculator including  support for special orders and discounts.

Key functions of the Automobile Service Module:

  • A full range of inventory search options including by part number, make and/or model, description, supplier, applicability and numerous others;
  • Vehicle service history database;
  • Job order processing with details of required services and spares;
  • Detailed tracking of all services provided;
  • Uploading of data on working hours from different directories;
  • Efficient pricing, including a flexible system of discounts for servicing and spare parts;
  • Full range of stock control functions;
  • Fully scalable, depending on the size of the enterprise and its specific business processes;
  • Automatic order processing;
  • Employee performance management and payroll;
  • Various tools for data analysis and reporting.


  • Automatic customer purchase order processing;
  • Analytic reports on sales, purchasing, stock, cash-flow, customer details, invoices, etc.
  • Comprehensive inventory control and accounting functions;
  • Complete oversight over all services provided;
  • Efficient management of information and data collection across the organization.

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