Access Control and Time & Attendance Software Solution

FirstBIT Access Control

FirstBIT Access Control 8 (ACMS — Access Control Management System) is a fully integrated solution designed to ensure complete access control, including oversight of employee attendance and hours worked. The software allows managers to monitor all of a company’s premises and facilities, and gives complete control over employee attendance and hours worked.  Our FirstBIT Access Control package has already been successfully installed in a variety of companies that require the careful monitoring and regulation of working hours.  Data generated by our FirstBIT Access Control software will help your HR Department carry out all payroll functions as well as monitoring attendance, hours worked and staff absence.

FirstBIT Access Control is fully integrated with standard 1C:Enterprise 8 software packages such as 1C:Payroll & HR Management, 1C:ERP (1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management), and 1C:Complex Automation 8, thus avoiding the duplication of HR data inputting and enabling payroll calculation based on data received from access controllers.  Our FirstBIT Access Control software solution is certified as being 1C:compatible.

Key Features:

  • Automatic data collection to facilitate payroll calculation and verification of employee time sheets
  • Accurate data on hours worked;
  • Automatic filing of HR monitoring documents;
  • Control over employees' working hours and attendance;
  • Data collection and analysis of delays, interruptions and overtime;
  • Ability to download data from various access control systems;
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to specified areas;
  • Access settings for proximity cards
  • 1C interface for monitoring controllers.


  • Payroll calculation, HR monitoring and Access Control in a single software solution;
  • Eliminates the need for duplicate data inputting in different systems;
  • Enables the optimization of working time;
  • An accurate tool for managing attendance;
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Complete control over both personnel and the workplace

FirstBIT Access Control 8 can be integrated with:

  • Ademant/Artonit/Shelni (direct access management of controllers ADEMANT-500-F,ADEMANT-500-F-1000 and compatible systems)
  • Parsec (ParsecNet 2.5)
  • Legos (Legos Server from version 4.3.0)
  • Sphinx (from version
  • Interflex (IF 6020)
  • Perco (PERCo-S-20)
  • Elsys (from version 1.7)
  • KABA