FirstBIT Issuer — Solution for Information Disclosure by Joint-Stock Companies

All joint-stock companies, acting within the Russian Federation, are obliged to carry out the procedure of information disclosure according to the Decree of the Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation dated October 04, 2011 Nr. 11-46/пз-н „On Approval of Regulations for Information Disclosure by Issuers of Equity Securities”.

That is why all employees of joint-stock companies, who are responsible for information disclosure, shall follow the amendments of legislative frameworks before preparing a document or a report.

FirstBIT Issuer, released in January 2013 and having no analogues at the software market, simplifies the procedure of information disclosure by joint-stock companies.

Key features

Employees of joint-stock companies, who use FirstBIT Issuer, can get the following opportunities:

  • to prepare quarterly reports of the issuer promptly;
  • to register messages regarding essential facts;
  • to list an affiliate;
  • to prepare meetings of the Board of Directors and General Shareholders Meetings.

FirstBIT Issuer provides a convenient interface, from which analytical reports and legal assistance, represented by step-by-step methodologies that are ready to use, can be obtained.

Potential Users of the Program

The new software product is orientated on the following categories of users:

  • directors of legal departments, corporate lawyers;
  • specialists of corporate departments, corporate secretaries;
  • employees of the office of Board of Directors and Board of Administration;
  • experts of advisory and auditing companies.

When the amendments of legislative frameworks take place, users can promptly get an updated version. Another advantage is monitoring of amendments of corporate legislation.

FirstBIT Issuer was created by highly qualified software programmers and lawyers of the company with major experience in successful developments.

If you have any questions, please contact our managers.