FirstBIT.IFRS case


Standardized accounting methodology under IFRS «FirstBIT.IFRS case»


«FirstBIT.IFRS case» - contains a set of ready-made settings and a methodology manual for the rapid implementation of an accounting and reporting system under IFRS, using the FirstBIT.Finance software product::

  • no need to develop a methodology from «ground zero»
  • based on the best business practice
  • provides you with the opportunity to implement the system in 5 days
  • allows you to obtain reporting under IFRS
  • automates the time-consuming and complex calculations

Your knowledge is sufficient to launch the implementation process!


Time reduction and money saving up to 75 % due to:

  • Ready-made Chart of Accounts, in compliance with the International Accounting Standards
  • Configured entries translation mechanism from RAS to IFRS
  • Automation of labor-intensive and complex calculations in the parallel accounting areas
  • Use of universal IFRS reports
  • Detailed guide on the methodology of accounting and reporting
  • User consulting support

Now you can implement an accounting system under IFRS in just 5 days!

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FirstBIT.IFRS case Presentation (Video in Russian, 6 min)

Download the «FirstBIT.IFRS case» presentation
PowerPoint (pptx), 3.3 MB


Solutions Price
«FirstBIT.IFRS case» for «1C:Accounting 8» 200 000 rub.
«FirstBIT.IFRS case» for «1C:Accounting 8 CORP» 200 000 rub.
«FirstBIT.IFRS case» for «1C:Enterprise 8» 200 000 rub.

You will receive a free gift with every purchase of FirstBIT.IFRS case:
16 hours of professional work!

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