Make Your Warehouse Management Rational

Effective warehouse management, which means more accurate and fast order procession, has a greater influence on the business success of any company, than you could imagine!

In modern Information Technologies there is a separate class of specialized WMS-software (Warehouse Management System), that allows to automate control over all the warehouse operations:

  • receipt and acceptance of goods, including conserved acceptance, acceptance on cargo spaces and acceptance with deferred recount;
  • allocation, relocation, replenishment and stacking of orders;
  • completion of orders and delivery, including wave, group and cluster method of order collection;
  • inventory etc.

We offer our Clients services of selection and implementation of WMS-systems, that will satisfy the needs of your organization.

In today’s business reality this solution is necessary for every enterprise, having at its disposal one or several warehouses (even territorially distributed) and facing such problems as:

  • Low speed of conducting warehouse operations;
  • Low storage bandwidth;
  • Large amount of losses caused by errors, including ’human factor’;
  • Ineffective usage of warehouse area;
  • Bad management over warehouse functioning;
  • Large assortment.

We Automate New and Existing Warehouses in 6 Steps:

Step 1. Pre-project survey

We study the scheme and the principles of the current warehouse operations, we look for weak points, analyze problems, identify the Project’s aims and objectives.

Step 2. Creation of conceptual design and the model of the system

We develop working and management technologies, choose a software solution and its functional blocks, that are the most suitable for your needs, we configure the WMS-system.

Step 3. Implementation

We get the warehouse ready for the implementation, deliver equipment, deploy and install the solution into your IT-infrastructure, integrate it with other systems.

Step 4. Staff training

We create instructions on working with a WMS-system, get the employees ready for using it, we conduct trainings on its functionality.

Step 5. Launching the system

We conduct acceptance testing and carry out the full-fledged launch of the system.

Step 6. Maintenance

After the completion of the Project we provide technical and consultancy services (remotely and on-the-spot).

Our Experience

Automation of a retail company’s warehouse

It was necessary to automate warehouse management and optimize warehouse-related operations for a Client with more than 200 shops and 62 franchisees.

Within the framework of the project, there have been automated: record-keeping of normative reference information; receipt and sorting of orders and other intra-warehouse operations, including bar-coding. As a result of the Project, the number of processed orders has increased by 50%, the amount of re-grading and under-shipments has been reduced by 50%, the speed of order completion has been increased by 30% and the company has managed to reduce inventory time by half.

Warehouse automation for a company, specialized on trade in lightening equipment

The Client, engaged in trade in lightening equipment, faced the necessity to automate warehouse operations.

As a result of the Project, the amount of re-graded goods has been reduces, the material turnover procedure has improved and the usage of the storage room has been optimized. It has become possible to organize the system of collection and consolidation of the necessary data for the further analysis. The management of the company’s warehouse has become more transparent and this has occured an increase of the employees’ productivity.

Warehouse automation for a company, specialized in delivery of ingredients for food industry

The Client needed to improve the functioning of the warehouse and optimize its business-processes, to increase the speed of customer service and eliminate the loss and regrading of goods.

As a result of the Project, all the losses of goods were eliminated, and now the real amount of goods in the warehouse corresponds to the data in the program. Furthermore, the turnover of the materials has improved and it has become possible to build the system of data collection for the further analysis of the warehouse functioning.

Warehouse automation for the distributor of ice-cream and frozen goods

The Client faced the necessity of warehouse automation after the relocation of the company to a new refrigerator warehouse with square footage of about 1000 square meters. The expansion of the territory has called for the immediate creation of automated targeted storage, that was lacking.

As a result of the Project, in addition to the necessary targeted storage, the Client now has the opportunity to track goods’ shelf life and quickly carry inventory. In turn, the automation of routine operations has greatly increased the productivity of the employees.

Warehouse automation for a large company, engaged in retail trade of tobacco products

The Client had the task to increase effectiveness and accuracy of warehouse inventory accounting, to automate all the warehouse processes (acceptance, supply collection, relocation and also delivery for production), to optimize exploitation of storage room and also reduce the number of mistakes related to human factor.

After the completion of the Project, the effectiveness of exploitation of all the warehouse resources has been increased, the business-processes, ensuring the uninterrupted production, have been optimized, the losses caused by irrational usage of storage area have been decreased.

The Results of WMS-system Implementation

The implementation of a WMS-system allows to optimize the warehouse functioning in all directions, and new operations technologies guarantee an increase in the storage productivity on the whole.

By way of illustration, look at the results of a WMS-project for a certain trade organization:

  • Warehouse inventories — reduced by 5-20%;
  • Storage area — usage effectiveness increased by 15%;
  • Direct operational costs — reduced by 10%;
  • Goods storage expenses — reduced by 18%;
  • Employees’ productivity — reduced by 20%;
  • Warehouse staff — decreased by 50%;
  • Amount of delivered goods — increased by 50%.

Leave an application, and we will select, scale and implement one of the best software solutions, that will correspond to your objectives and your budget as much as possible.

Why Should You Choose Us as a Contractor?

  1. ‘First BIT’ Company (‘Sportivnaya’ office) is a developer and a supplier of various WMS-software solutions.
    This allows us to competently select a program product especially for you and scale it the way that allows you to get maximum results.
  2. We have solid experience in the field of WMS-system implementation into the warehouse infrastructure of companies engaged in different industries.
    Which means, that we will come to know the particulars of your business and will effectively improve its processes.
  3. We practice individual approach for working with each Client.
    Thereafter, you may not worry about the maintenance of all your business-processes.
  4. With us, you will get the comprehensive and complex service.
    From the survey of the functioning of your warehouse, choosing the best WMS-solution and installation of the necessary equipment to staff training and further maintenance of the implemented system.