IT Integration and Data Exchange

International corporations functional in Russia usually require complete integration of current accounting and management software with domestically acknowledged accounting applications so that they match domestic requirements for accounting and tax. These international companies will naturally keep many financial and tax reports to stay in compliance with international regulations and standards (national GAAP, IFRS, etc), the regulations of the nation where they are headquartered, internal corporate and Russian regulations. To ensure appropriate compliance with the tax legislation of Russia, many organizations prefer the Russia’s most popular integrated accounting software that is developed on the 1C:Enterprise framework.

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First BIT presents a vast array of IT integrated software solutions to assist the company in achieving completely integrated software as well as IT procedures for the business environment of Russia. The integrated business software services we offer will make certain that you get the benefit of quick and protected data consolidation among all corporate IT applications through the firm, that include subsidiaries, affiliates and branches. Our firm also supports software integration in the entire IT landscape as well as offering consultancy, training in addition to maintenance in every aspect related to IT integration.

Being Russia’s leading provider of computerized IT systems as well as a leader in the field of IT consultancy, First BIT has an impressive performance record in supplying efficient integration amid 1C software and many internationally renowned software applications. Till now, we have been successful in integrating the 1C applications with the systems mentioned below:
  • Business management software by SAP
  • Oracle business software systems, which is inclusive of:
    • Hyperion and other BI solutions by Oracle
    • PeopleSoft applications by Oracle
    • JD Edwards applications by Oracle
  • Microsoft business solutions: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • EIS applications (SAS/EIS software)
  • Several other systems of billing, web-applications as well as Intranet solutions

Like all of our services, our firm supplies our clients with exclusively customized integrated manufacturing solutions, designed specifically to match the distinct business requirements. Contact us right away and our sales team will assist you in selecting the most superior IT integrated software specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each business.

Ten advantages of choosing 1C as your integrated financial management and accounting system:

  • First BIT is a one-stop shop to ensure that you get a trouble-free and smooth integration of your IT procedures and applications
  • Swift access into the business market of Russia (the deployment and implementation of the accounting software, 1C in Russia is much faster than any other local accounting system)
  • Compliance with the standards and legislation of Russia in terms of tax and financial accounting is guaranteed
  • Completely automated tax statements and consolidated financial reports and records
  • The integrated platform of 1C is user-friendly and extremely simple
  • Tools for localization and assistance for a multi-lingual interface is offered as a standard aspect
  • Total ownership of cost is available in disparity with the expenditures and complexity of adapting to non-Russian standards of accounting
  • Trouble-free access to support and training for designers of 1C and ultimate users at our certified training institutes
  • Complete post-sale assistance from our team of greatly experienced experts of 1C designing and implementation, including continuous improvements

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