Implementation methodology

Through our fourteen years of practical experience, we have developed a proven methodology for the introduction and integration of complex business IT systems and processes. Building on our experience, our customers can be confident we will carry out any work they commission as quickly and efficiently as possible. We take pride in minimizing disruption to our customers at each stage of a project’s implementation, enabling them to benefit from improved IT architecture in the shortest possible time and with a minimum of fuss. We believe that good communications between ourselves and our customers is essential to success.  To facilitate this, we have developed a six-stage approach to project delivery.

Stage 1: Project scoping

First we discuss your IT requirements in depth, including time-frames for implementation, costing and budgets. We then conduct an initial survey, followed up with a detailed project plan together with all relevant documentation (ie schedule of works, technical specification, itemized quotation, risk assessment and contractual terms and conditions).

Stage 2: Modeling

We carry out extensive modeling exercises in order to explore every permutation of the proposed system. This enables us to build in additional functionality where desirable, as well as identifying and correcting shortcomings ahead of real-world implementation. We also conduct exhaustive road-testing to ensure the system is fit-for-purpose. An added advantage is the ability to demonstrate how the new system will operate within your organization and how it will help you boost productivity and competitiveness.

Stage 3: Design

Working closely with your in-house IT personnel, we put forward company-specific IT and software design proposals. To speed up delivery, we provide separate designs for each element of the business process ie warehousing, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning etc

Stage 4: Development

We build the software according to the agreed specifications, ensuring it is fully tailored to the needs of your business. In addition, we draw up a full technical manual, including step-by-step descriptions of how to adjust the software, if necessary.

Stage 5: Implementation

We take all possible steps to ensure your new software is installed as quickly and easily as possible, with a minimum of disruption to your ongoing operations. We automate worksites and import data from existing systems. We also provide training for your employees and operate an early warning system to identify any problems and rectify them as quickly as possible.

Stage 6: Support

To ensure your system continues to operate as well as it should, we provide system maintenance and on-going software upgrades as standard ie to meet any changes to the business environment either internal or external. Our staff will remain available to provide a comprehensive on-going maintenance and support service, co-operating with your own IT personnel as necessary.