Do you use a 3PL provider? Then integrate your systems!

The large trade and manufacturing companies that have geographically distributed structure are often faced with the challenging task of storing and delivering goods. All the warehouse assets they possess do not always meet the management requirements. It is not uncommon to encounter typical problems like:

  • huge time and financial costs for organization and management of own warehouses and shipping departments;
  • ineffective planning and use of warehouse storage areas;
  • employees make many mistakes during their work;
  • only partial goods movements control;
  • complexity of the assigned tasks monitoring and control.

Third-party logistics

The large companies outsource goods storage and logistics to 3PL (third-party logistics) providers in order to avoid these kinds of troubles. Companies that use 3PL providers need to integrate their accounting and management information systems with the warehouse management systems (WMS) of their 3PL providers. Because of this integration the companies receive the following benefits:

  • full control of the warehouse storage areas including easier inventorization and effective prevention of employee theft;
  • monitoring and control of employees duties;
  • minimum number of employees mistakes.

The system integration allows for implementation and control of the following processes:

  • data exchange between the systems;
  • export of customer orders from the company’s information system and their import into the 3PL provider’s WMS;
  • reception of goods in the warehouse and shipment of goods from the warehouse;
  • master data exchange between the systems.

First BIT can perform the full set of works:

  • Development of the architecture of the interfaces between the systems;
  • designing of functional/technical specification for the interface development;
  • development of the interfaces with the accounting systems based on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform;
  • testing and implementation of the developed solutions;
  • training customer’s employees.

First BIT has many years of successful experience and proven techniques for the integration of 3PL providers information systems and internal company systems based on the 1C:Enterprise 8platform like 1C:Accounting 8 and 1C:Sales Management.

ARTSANA RUS with headquarters in Italy became one of our customers. Mauro Roncoroni, IT Project Subsidiary Coordinator for East Europe and Far East of Artsana S.p.A, said: “The project was successfully finished thanks to the professionalism of the First BIT employees. The solution’s functionality completely meets our requirements.”

Our Customers

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