Manufacturing automation

The efficient management of industrial, financial and human resources is only possible with the appropriate tools. First BIT can significantly boost business efficiency through the provision of  customized manufacturing software solutions built on the 1C Platform and designed to facilitate resource management throughout the manufacturing process.  Our software solutions include a comprehensive range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, manufacturing software and inventory management software.   Our ERP solutions enable the full automation of all processes essential to manufacturing and industrial enterprises, including inventory control, resource management and financial control.

Our ERP-system 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management provides a unified information space and integrates all business processes in one software application.  Among the advantages of 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management are high performance, scalability, easy integration with other business software applications and reliability.

Apart from implementing an ERP-system, efficient resource management often requires transition to a new management model which includes a comprehensive approach to business process optimization. We provide a full range of services to maximize the benefits of automation to your manufacturing business, while making sure the process is carried out as smoothly as possible and with the least possible disruption. Our service includes:

  • Analysis of customer requirements, current business challenges and existing resource management software;
  • Analysis and optimization of key business and manufacturing processes;
  • Introduction of unified financial and tax accounting procedures that meet international, Russian and corporate standards;
  • General ledger services;
  • Consolidated reporting;
  • Organizational and technical design;
  • Modification and development of additional functionality as required;
  • Tailoring the system to meet the exact processes and needs of your business;
  • Integration with other business software applications.
  • Piloting of new operations and training;
  • Maintenance and support.

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