Automation of trade, catering and services

In addition to our logistics, warehousing and stock control software packages First BIT is able to supply a wide range of electronic equipment required  by retailers, hotels and other customer-facing outlets to manage stock effectively.  These range from tills and bar-code scanners through to scales, slicers and refrigerated storage facilities.   We can also install anti-fraud devices and video surveillance equipment and can provide advice on how to minimize theft.  We will advise you on which equipment is most appropriate to your needs, deliver and install it, and provide support and maintenance to ensure your automated system continues to function as it should.  We can also arrange staff training in the use of any equipment we supply.

Detailed below is certification confirming the successful installation of First BIT automation systems at a number of globally recognized companies:

  • General Distributor of ATOL
  • Motorola Authorized Reseller Partner
  • Zebra Reseller Partners First
  • Honeywell Authorized Reseller
  • Gold partner of "KASsentr"

In our online store at there is a wide selection of high-quality commercial equipment from market-leading manufacturers.