First BIT aims to help large and small enterprises from a wide variety of industries  automate and optimize their core business processes.  We help businesses get the most out of their resources, enabling them to maximize their growth and profitability.  We are IT-people who understand your business. We provide a comprehensive range of automation services including:
Financial and tax accounting
HR management and payroll services
Financial management
Automation of manufacturing processes/ERP

We also provide Integration and data exchange services, Integration of QlikView with 1C solutions and other third-party applications.

We provide all the necessary maintenance and support services, including:

  • On-going system upgrades;
  • Software to support financial and tax reporting that complies fully with legal requirements in Russia and abroad;
  • On-going consultancy with qualified experts;
  • Prompt handling of emergency cases;

Our qualified experts can offer you a range of 1C Consulting services such as analysis of the legacy of previous 1C applications, and how earlier solutions have been implemented and modified in the past. We can also assist you with the optimization of business processes, for example by helping you to streamline managerial and financial accounting procedures.  We offer a range of professional training and seminars aimed at informing our customers about 1C solutions and how they can help your business operate more efficiently and competitively. We also provide certified 1C Training for our customers.

We work one-to-one with companies from a variety of sectors to plan and realize their projects.  Each company we work with is provided with software solutions that we customize to meet its specific requirements, enabling it to grow and become more competitive in a rapidly changing market environment.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you give your business the edge.