QlikView for Manufacturing

QlikView for Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing companies are turning to more flexible real-time business data models to operate more efficiently, to reach and implement  better decisions. Using QlikView makes it possible to achieve considerable success with minimum risks, maximum returns and no extra resources, improve business agility for demand-driven and intelligent manufacturing.

Using QlikView solution makes it possible to:

  • Actively identify and eliminate problems in supply chains and production operations
  • Synchronize supply, production, distribution and R&D processes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Manage complex and extensive nets of customer relationships through diverse channels and from different partners
  • Better identify and segment potentially profitable target markets
  • Design compelling and effective product offerings
  • Control performance in such areas as quality management, production planning and control, waste reduction, asset management and regulatory compliance
  • Optimize product availability and increase customer satisfaction
  • Monitor and evaluate supplier performance and guarantee constant improvements in product or service quality
  • Minimize supplier, compliance and  volatility risks
  • Implement real-time performance management according to business functions
  • Streamline  reporting process compliant with regulations
  • Receive transparent financial figures while always having access to detailed information about all the transactions
QlikView for Manufacturing

QlikView by the numbers: Manufacturing

More than 2,000 manufacturing companies worldwide use QlikView to improve their overall performance and reach effective decisions in highly competitive environment.

  • 54% deployed QlikView in less than 1 Month
  • 2.4 months: average time period needed  to implement QlikView
  • 51% time reduction in information analysis processes
  • 21% increase in cash flow
  • 33% increase in employee productivity
  • 38% increase in business agility

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