QlikView for Financial and Insurance Services

QlikView_Financial_ServicesFinancial and insurance services companies are in constant search of new ways to minimize risks, maintain and increase profits and capture new opportunities to become more competitive. A powerful yet simple BI (Business Intelligence) tool makes it possible to reach and implement effective decisions that ensure high performance and success rates.

The key benefits of QlikView for financial services companies

With QlikView you can:


  • Enhance sales management, cross-sell and up-sell effectiveness
  • Study and analyze information on sales, customers and  performance
  • Reduce costs and increase customer loyalty


  • Gain clear insight into transactions and optimize process life-cycles
  • Reduce operational costs, rationalize processes, streamline financial reporting and ensure regulatory  compliance
  • Optimize bank processes and  minimize costs
  • Increase effectiveness of risk and exposure management


  • Improve effectiveness of campaigns and promotions
  • Increase efficiency of underwriting and actuarial processes
  • Proactively find out risk concentrations, asses exposure, optimize portfolio risks management policy
  • Improve customer targeting and segmentation

QlikView by the Numbers: Financial Services

More than 250 financial services companies, including over 50% of the Fortune Global Top 25, have chosen QlikView to improve business performance across their organizations.

  • 43% Deployed QlikView in less than 1 Month
  • 42% Increase in Employee Productivity
  • 21% Revenue Growth
  • 29% Decrease in Existing BI Overhead
  • 47% Increase in Business Agility

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