A standard BI model for analyzing the commercial activity of trading and manufacturing companies

A standard industry-specific solution is designed for marketing and sales departments of trading and manufacturing companies. It is integrated with standard accounting systems 1C:Enterprise 8 ERP and 1C:Sales Management.

Objectives achieved:

  • Optimization of the assortment — detecting the most profitable groups, rejecting products that are uncalled for or unprofitable.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of departments — plan-fact analysis; detecting ineffective regions, departments and managers; reallocating time previously used for forming analytics and reports.
  • Optimization of the use of trading areas— indication of problem areas, controlling the utilized capacity of warehouses, the inventory dynamics; ABC-XYZ analysis.
  • The growth of the company’s sales and profits — controlling the marginality of sales with detalization up to the commodity heading; detecting effective commodity headings and groups of goods with the help of different methods for analyzing the assortment.
  • Control over money— the flow of money, income/expenses according to the company’s accounts and caches; the dynamics of the money left in the cashes; divergence between income/expenses and the planned figures.
  • Inventory management — the utilized capacity; the dynamics of inventory left by brands, nomenclature and warehouses.
  • Forecasting — «what if» forecast, lineal forecasting, rolling forecasting.

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