The standard BI model solution for analyzing figures and indicators of a web-project

ECommerce, or promotion of goods with the help of websites, – is one of the most dynamic and promising markets. You can hardly find a company that doesn’t have its own page in the Internet. And if earlier a web site used to be a sign of prestige, today it is a popular source for attracting clients.

A lot of money is invested in creation, modernization and promotion of websites. There are specialists that are engaged exclusively in monitoring the statistics of the site’s visitors and the subsequent sales; there are analytics, specialists in marketing, web-programmers. And that’s why it is so important for every organization to make sure that the investments prove justified and bring profit.

BIT.BI.eCommerce system provides companies, attracting clients with the help of a web-site, with innovative solutions.

The purpose of BIT.BI.eCommerce

BIT.BI.eCommerce is designed for a portfolio analysis of a web-project’s figures and indicators. It allows rapid ‘detection’ of effective and ineffective channels of visitors and suggests tips on how to increase the number of orders.

Proved! The implementation of the system reduces costs on internet-marketing by 20-30% with the same number of orders.

Video-presentation of BIT.BI.eCommerce (in Russian)

Problems solved with BIT.BI.eCommerce:

  • Data is imported from any statistics systems (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika, Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct etc.), and the user gets the opportunity to see consolidated information. Including the assessment of costs spent on the site’s promotion in proportion to the final result: the number of attracted clients, who made an order.
  • BIT.BI.eCommerce can be combined with an ERP-system and/or a call-center and violà – you get a sales funnel in a single app – a demonstrative picture of the clients’ “journey” through the whole business-chain: from a “cold” call and the first visit to the site to the conclusion of a contract.
  • The QlikView platform offers a huge range of opportunities in working with applications. Users can - by themselves – create new graphs and change the old ones, add data from other statistics systems and Excel files.
  • BIT.BI.eCommerce helps to track profitable and inefficient investments, which allows the user to revise the budget and optimize expenses in favor of profitable channels and requests.
  • There is a semantic kernel integrated in the system – a special set of key words, which corresponds as much as possible with the particular subject of the site. Therefore it is possible to sort the indicators according to markers and groups of markers.
  • It is possible to examine both the general analytics and also the data, classified by the levels of the semantic kernel, and to itemize the analytics all the way to a separate request of a client.
  • It is possible to integrate BIT.BI.eCommerce with CRM-systems on any platform. The user can get general analytics from a lot of various sources: 1C, a particular site or a group of sites, any systems of internet-statistics.

The advantages of BIT.BI.eCommerce

  1. No analogues on the Russian market
  2. Increases the effectiveness of context advertising and SEO traffic by 30%
  3. An instant assessment of current efficiency of the site
  4. Gathers the costs analysis into a single interface (and thus differs from Google Analytics)
  5. Automatic transfer of data from Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords, Sape, SEOpult, Yandex.Bayan, Yandex.Market and other platforms (and thus differs from Google Analytics).

The functionality of BIT.BI.eCommerce

  1. The assessment of the effectiveness and the quality of the traffic channels
  2. The analysis of the orders structure by sums, traffic channels, key words, attraction costs
  3. The analysis of the traffic structure by costs, volumes and efficiency

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