A standard model for analyzing a call-center’s and a telemarketing department’s quality of work



Many companies have a call-center or a telemarketing department in their structure, which help them efficiently meet the objectives of attracting and keeping clients. According to expert assessments, the number of contacts between consumers and business, realized through call-centers, makes up to 70-75%. The optimization of these divisions’ activity is undoubtedly a crucial function of an organization in conditions of competitiveness.

BIT.BI.CallCenter is designed for conducting a rapid and comprehensive analysis of the indicators of the quality of work of a call-center’s or a telemarketing department’s employees.

This analytic system allows to easily analyze the utilized capacity of telephone lines, of employees, to plan the shifts, including holidays and weekends. With the help of BIT.BI.CallCenter you can ‘detect’ the most successful employees and accurately calculate their reward.

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In this solution the following functions of effectiveness assessment of incoming and outgoing calls are realized:

  • The percentage of calls, which got answered during the time period compliant with the quality of service
  • The percentage of ‘lost’ calls
  • The percentage of redressed calls
  • The percentage of completed calls
  • Average speed of an employee’s answer to a call
  • Maximum delay until the call is answered
  • Average duration of conversation
  • Coefficient of efficiency
  • Average time period, after which the subscriber hangs off not having his call answered
  • Monetary Cost Per Call
  • Agent Occupancy
  • The percentage of processed productive contacts

BIT.BI.CallCenter is integrated with Asterisk IP ATX.

BIT.BI.CallCenter video-presentation (in Russian)

The solution’s functions

KPI consolidated data

The key figures, reflecting the total share of missed calls, the average time of a client’s waiting on the line, the monthly dynamics from the viewpoint of the call direction, the share of the calls for each department, the total amount of calls and the average call duration  calculated for each employee, the plan and the margin during the period, are shown on one screen. Each chart with just one click is transferred into a flat table, which reflects more detailed information from different viewpoints.

KPI consolidated data

Information about calls
Information about calls

A separate group of reports is dedicated to comprehensive analysis of the calls: all the calls are categorized by their types, duration and dynamics of the line’s utilized capacity for each day, week and  each hour during the day.

Consolidated information about the employees’ work

The solution shows each employee’s activity per every minute (absence at working place, active work, waiting periods etc.), has an adjustable top-list of employees according to the total number of calls, average duration of calls made by each operator, GAP-analysis.

A summary data by employees’ work

Information about shifts
Information about shifts

The solution reflects intensity of activity during each shift (top working hours), the number of completed hours in the shift, the connection between average time of a client’s waiting on the line and the number of operators in each shift, as well as detailed information about employees’ quality of work, KPI productivity of the contact-center.

Information about providers

The solution demonstrates both consolidated and detailed data about the geographical location of the calling clients (cities) and about the providers, whose services the clients use. There is also a detailed daily report about call dynamics – which represents, how many calls were addressed to the operator comparing with the day before.
If the net of calls is extensive, the solution can show the information about the amount of those having called from different cities on the map of Russia or the world, which will clearly show the location with the maximum density of outgoing calls.

Information about communication provider

Summary about the calls and employees
Consolidated data for calls and employees

The solution consolidates data about work of all the employees. The last three tabs make it possible to conduct the comprehensive audit of call-center’s employees’ management processes: the planning of recruitment of new employees, the daily duties of a supervisor, attestation, planning and analyzing personal indicators of operators’ quality of work, the management based on the personal results achieved. If all the conversations are recorded, there is also information about the size of the file with the recording and it is possible to download a specific file for listening and estimation.

Analysis of utilized capacity (Erlang's mass service theory)

On this screen the total number of minutes of conversation in each hour is analyzed with the purpose of finding out the required number of channels for each telephone. There is also a possibility to monitor the dynamics of growing\decreasing utilized capacity of the phone lines. This analysis can be used to plan the budget for expanding the call-center, forecasting the number of people in shifts in non-typical days (for example, holidays) and also allows to reduce the period of a client’s waiting on the line, that will increase his loyalty to the company.

Analysis of load (Erlang's mass service theory)

Comparitive analysis of indexes
Comparative analysis of factors and indicators

The solution allows to compare any factors and indicators in their dynamics, both in absolute and in relative figures.

The assessment of telemarketing’s quality of work

There are screens specially designed for assessment of telemarketing’s work including reports for the analysis of sales for each operator or each specific client; they  show profit dynamics, average revenue per minute of conversation, monthly trends from different viewpoints and also give  detailed information about sales, goods and clients (in case of integration with the accounting system).

Assessment of telemarketing work efficiency

Assessment of telemarketing work efficiency

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