First BIT implemented «1C: Payrol & HR Management 8 PROF» in AEON Corporation

Oct 5, 2015

Project office «Sportivnaya» of First BIT Company has received a positive client feedback on a successful project of «1C: Payrol & HR Management 8 PROF» implementation into IT-structure of AEON Corporation. This software solution has allowed to optimize personnel records and payroll calculation in all subsidiary enterprises of AEON.

AEON Corporation specializes on investments, crisis-prevention management and reorganization of industrial assets on a global scale. The main aim of the Company — to make the industry reach a new stage of sustainable development. Transportation, construction, service business and other spheres are among the principal interests of the organization.

There are more than 30 legal entities in AEON. The Company faced the ineffectiveness of the payroll calculation procedure for the employees of all the subsidiary enterprises. Because of that, data analysis and report formation were rather labor-consuming processes.

The specialists of project office “Sportivnaya” of First BIT Company suggested the creation of a common information space, integrating all the corporation’s IT-resources, engaged in personnel record-keeping and salary calculation. “1C: Payroll and HR Management 8 PROF” software solution was chosen as a basis for automation.

The realization of the Project included three main stages:

  1. Pre-project survey;
  2. Solution configuration and testing;
  3. Putting into operation.

As a result, AEON Corporation got an integrated IT system, automating virtually all the operation in the field of personnel management and salary calculation. All the historical data was checked and migrated into “1C: Payroll and HR Management 8 PROF” database. There were created, described and adopted business-processes related to verification, consolidation and data analysis.

“The existence of a large number of subsidiary companies made it necessary for us to create various reports versions so the flexible setup of their parameters would be available to users. We developed a configuration on 1C version 8.3, ensuring regular download of information from all the accounting systems, engaged in consolidation” — comments Alexander Denisov, the Head of the Corporate projects department of First BIT Company.

Uliana Klimova, vice-president of AEON Corporation, expressed gratitude to the specialists of project office “Sportivnaya” of First BIT Company for their effective and professional work and hope for further productive cooperation.

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