First BIT Company has unified accounting in a large machine-building holding

Sep 29, 2015

Project office «Sportivnnaya» together with «Shosse Enthuziastov» office of First BIT Company is pleased to announce the successful completion of the project of implementation of an integrated accounting system at all the enterprises of one of the largest Russian machine-building holdings. As a result of the project, the specialists of the company managed to ensure the accounting uniformity at all the enterprises, to increase data reliability and transparency and to reduce time spent on accounting report formation.

“RM — Terex” Company, created in 2012 as a joint venture of “Russian Machines” and “Terex Corporation”, is a leading Russian producer of road-building machinery. The head office of the organization is in Moscow, and production and engineering branches are situated in Tver, Zavolzhie, Chelyabinsk and Bryansk. Besides, the Company has dealer offices in 75 cities of Russia and neighboring countries.

“RM — Terex” Holding includes large Russian machine-building plants: “Tver Ekskavator”, “Bryansk Arsenal”, “Chelyabinsk road-building machinery”, “Zavolzhsk Crawler Track Plant”. Each enterprise had its own unique IT-infrastructure with various software.

The dispersity of information resources was the source of complications in conducting consolidated accounting and made it impossible for automation to correctly support the enterprise’s business-processes.

“RM-Terex” faced the necessity to create a united accounting system for the whole holding. As an instrument to integrate IT-resources there was chosen “1C: Enterprise Resource Planning 8” software. This software solution had proved itself as a great choice for machine-building market and made it possible to consolidate all the IT-resources of a large holding according to different automation tasks.

Due to a great experience in this field, an impressive portfolio of similar projects, the existence of regional offices and other factors, First BIT was chosen as a contractor for a future project. A high level of expertise of the specialists of First BIT’s project office “Sportivnaya” is supported by considerable experience in the sphere of automation of large manufacturing enterprises on the basis of 1C:ERP software, such as RUSAL, ROSNANO etc.

“To successfully complete this large-scale project within a tight time frame we made a non-typical organizational decision to create a joint project team. The Client’s specialists were fully responsible for the development and implementation of operative manufacturing accounting module. Such an approach allowed us to launch the system in pilot operation in Bryansk in July, 2015, taking into account, that the project was started in October, 2014. In August, 2015 the system will be launched in Tver, and by the end of 2015 — in Zavolzhie and Chelyabinsk” — comments Gleb Stalnoy, First BIT Project Manager.

The realization of this project made it possible to create a unified accounting system on the basis of “1C:Enterprise Resource Planning 8” at all the enterprises of the group.

As a result of the project, the Client got the following advantages:

  • There has been built a single IT-system;
  • The operative manufacturing accounting has been automated;
  • There has been implemented a unified methodology for financial and tax accounting for all the holding’s subdivisions;
  • There has been renovated a warehouse accounting system;
  • There has been built an effective supply management system;
  • There has been conducted integration of “1С: ERP 8” with the Client’s PDM-system.

“This project was a first step in realization of the strategy of ‘RM — Terex’ group of companies, aimed at the further development of the company according to the international standards of corporate management, at implementation of modern manufacturing technologies and modernization of the production capacity of the enterprises. So far, there has been started the 1C: ERP 2.0 modelling of centralized planning system and supply management. There is a parallel project for the implementation of MDM-system for the unification of normative-reference information between all the Group’s enterprises” — says Gleb Stalnoy.

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