«BIT.GosZakaz» - an alternative for foreign enterprise accounting systems

Nov 5, 2015

First BIT Company has developed the first Russian specialized system on the basis of «1C: Enterprise 8» for the companies engaged in fulfilling a state order and a state defense order – «BIT.GosZakaz». The solution can completely replace foreign enterprise accounting systems. First of all, «BIT.GosZakaz» solves the tasks of contract management and money flows, order calculation, conducting plan-factor analysis of expenses in the course of the order fulfillment etc.

The solution is a program complex, well-designed in its methodological component, that automates all the accounting sub-divisions of an enterprise. The module structure of the product allows to automate business-processes of different departments and services:

  • Contract preparation, budget formation
  • Conducting all types of accounting: management, financial, tax, operative, production accounting
  • Formation of regulated and managements accounting reports
  • Work planning and control
  • Labor costs accounting and order of materials
  • Planning the employees’ workload, organization of business trips
  • Production planning on all levels
  • Formation of production specifications and technology cards

“BIT.GosZakaz” complex works on the basis of typical configurations of “1C: Enterprise 8” (“1C: Accounting 8”, “1C: Enterprise resource planning 8”, “1C: ERP Enterprise resource planning 2.0” etc.), not affecting the standard functions of these solutions, and can also be seamlessly integrated with “1C: 275FZ” and “BIT.FINANCE”

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