The Artsana Group

The Artsana Group

The Artsana Group specializes in producing nursing items, products for bulky child-care and semi-finished textile, strollers, car seats and safety products. The group distributes Chicco, Artsana and Prenatal trademark products in Italy and internationally. Today, the Group counts over 7,400 employees spread out over the 23 branches worldwide, with eight production units present throughout the European Union.

ARTSANA RUS LLC is a branch office of Italian corporation ARTSANA S.p.A. that was opened in 2011 in Russia to meet the needs of the Russian customers.

First BIT was selected by the company as an implementation partner for optimizing financial accounting and reports procedures and integrating the 1C accounting software with the SAP system of the ARTSANA headquarter in Italy.

Everyday operation of bookkeeping, marketing, sales and purchase departments is now streamlined with the 1C solutions "1C:Accounting CORP" and "1C:Sales Management 10.3".

The following business-processes were optimized:

  • Business, tax, budgetary accounting and financial reporting
  • Purchasing and SRM (supplier relations management)
  • Inventory transactions
  • Reciprocal payments with suppliers
  • Sales, service, marketing, CRM (customer relations management)
  • Reciprocal payments with customers
  • Integration with “client-bank” system

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