ALSCON plant is one of the main foreign assets of RUSAL – the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer with plants and offices in 19 countries on 5 continents. ALSCON plant is situated in Ikot-Abasi, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, and presently produces about 120 thousand tons of aluminium per year. The total number of employees amounts to 785.

Situation before implementation

The enterprise previously used an information system, that had not been updated for a long time. It was set up according to the needs of the previous owner and not only failed to correspond with new conditions, but became really out of date.

System maintenance caused great trouble, as RUSAL lacks specialists on such software. Besides, the installed version was no longer supported by the provider himself.

In 2007 the plant was acquired and modernized by RUSAL. There was a desperate need for a system, that would insure the compliance with the requirements of RUSAL — the managing company — and also provide the opportunity to monitor the enterprise’s business-activities in real time.

This system was intended to allow the enterprise to conduct manufacturing, personnel, financial and tax accounting according to RUSAL’s corporate requirements and local legislation, and, besides, have a bilingual interface (Russian and English), as most of the users don’t speak Russian.

Choosing a system integrator

As a result of evaluating all the tender bits from different system integrators, the one of First BIT, offering implementation of ‘1C: ERP 8’ (Manufacturing Enterprise Management) and its localization (adding an English interface to ‘1C: ERP 8’) was considered the most competitive one.

The project’s implementation

All the stages of the project were performed on the territory of the plant. To Implement the project there was formed a team of English-speaking consultants of ‘Sportivnaya’ project office of First BIT’s Company.

The main portion of development works was conducted remotely. According to the contract, all project documentation, user training and consultations were performed in English.

The results of 1C: ERP implementation

The new system ensured efficient production and warehouse accounting, purchases, supplies and sales management.

Before, management accounting reports were filed to head company in (electronic) spreadsheets every month. Now the reports are formed in real time.

The administration can at any moment get accurate data on products’ cost, inventory, payments to suppliers and other aspects of the company’s activities.

Remote access to Nigerian plant’s information base allows RUSAL (in Moscow) not only to rapidly get the necessary reports, but trace execution of production orders on every production stage.

As a result, the speed of management decision-making is several times higher than it used to be.

Personnel, financial and tax accounting were adjusted to local Nigerian legislation. Labor expenditures were significantly reduced.

Alexander Pavlov, the Project Manager and Technical advisor on ALSCON automation notes: ‘The implementation has allowed to integrate and systematize data of financial accounting, commercial department (logistics and finished goods sales, warehouse accounting) and manufacturing departments. Sub-system ‘Salary and personnel management’ provides the opportunity to introduce changes to staffing, calculate salary and conduct time-keeping in shortest time possible. Later on, accounting in the system will allow to optimize and concentrate investments in the most important production processes. It should be mentioned, that the system is bilingual, which lets local English-speaking staff to work with it.’

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