OAO NPO Stekloplastik

OAO NPO Stekloplastik

Founded in 1946, today OAO NPO Stekloplastik is a dynamic, well-run enterprise. One of Russia’s leading producers of innovative, high-tech components, the company manufactures a range of multi-functional fiber glass materials and advanced composites for Russia’s aerospace, defense and nuclear energy industries. The company’s continuous development and growth meant it required a new universal information system to rationalize its critical business processes. The solution was found with First Bit’s 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8.2 package. The new system streamlined all the company’s most complicated processes, improving efficiency by 30% and considerably reducing the time taken to process critical information.

  • The following business processes were automated and optimized:

  • Financial and tax accounting and regulatory reporting
  • HR management and payroll calculation
  • Procurement and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
  • Production
  • Sales, services, marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Finance and business strategy management
  • Integration of the “client-bank” system

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