O'KEY Group of companies

O'KEY Group of companies

1C:FirstBIT implements a single accounting system in the “O’KEY” Group of Companies

The “O’KEY” group of companies is one of the largest retail chains in Russia. The holding includes 81 shopping complexes in the North-West, South, Central, Urals and Siberian regions. The total selling space is more than 419 thousand m2.

Earlier, the company carried out its accounting within the holding in scattered information bases: in some branches used the “1C: Accounting 8” system and others — the “1C: Accounting 7.7”. The management made the decision to move to a single information system in order to improve the enterprise manageability.

The key objectives of the project are: the creation of a single accounting system for accounting, management accounting and accounting by IFRS standards, shorter report generation times, increased transparency and easer auditing.

Feedback from the “O’KEY” Group of Companies project team:
“The ”1C: Accounting 8 CORP" and “BIT.FINANCE” programs have been selected as a base for the creation of the new information system. The features of these solutions cover fully the stated requirements. Besides, “BIT.FINANS” is an open source program, which allows future modification of the system. 1C:FirstBIT became the implementation partner, for it has an experience in successfully implementing similar projects and is actually the developer of “BIT.FINANCE”.“

The transition to a single information system has been done within the framework of a joint-project, which consisted of several stages. The first project stage was the conversion of the fiscal accounting within the “O’KEY” Group of Companies to a single database. 30 workplaces were automated as a part of this stage and the following problems were solved:

  • A systems integration between 1C and Axapta has been performed;
  • A system for automatic import and data comparison from Axapta has been developed, which uses the “BIT.FINANCE” translation mechanism, automatic import and translation of more than 400,000 documents per month;
  • Transferring data from Axapta to RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) at 10-15 docs per sec, thanks to the development of multi-threaded translation system in the “BIT.FINANCE” module;
  • Several million documents of “O’KEY” LLC have been transferred and validated from Axapta to obtain historical data in the new system.

“It is noteworthy that we dealt with large amounts of data in the course of the project — the processing of more than 400,000 documents per month should’ve been automated. Despite this ‘peculiarity’, the 1C:FirstBIT project team completed all of the assigned tasks on time. A key condition for the completion of the RAS accounting automation stage was the closure of Q3 2011 of ‘O’KEY’ LLC with the new system, which was successfully accomplished”-
noted the representative of the customer’s project team.

At the moment, works on the accounting setup and consolidated financial statements under IFRS are performed within the cooperation of “O’KEY” and “1C: FirstBIT”.

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