MOSENERGO is currently the largest thermal generation company in the world. Mosenergo is into generation of electricity and heat energy, and providing related services primarily in Moscow. It also offers others services such as communication services, design works, information and computation services, services on elimination of technological limitations on supply of electricity and thermal power and connection of capacities.

Data stored in several separate information systems, databases and paper was fragmented and prevented accurate accounting and reporting processes. Lack of inventory control and multiple spreadsheets caused challenges with purchasing; therefore, turnaround time of agreements took longer than planned. The overall company’s instability led to inefficient decision-making process.

In order to overcome these challenges, 1C:BIT proposed the implementation of "1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management (1C:ERP)" and the "FirstBIT Finance" financial accounting software, which is fully integrated to 1C:ERP. The project took 10 months. As a result the core business processes such as management accounting and financial accounting and management, inventory management and bookkeeping operations were optimized and streamlined.

  • Streamlined records management
  • Analysis of customer requirements, business challenges and needs
  • Flexible pricing management
  • Efficient inventory management and control
  • On-line management reporting
  • Financial efficiency of separate departments
  • A universal information space and consolidated reporting

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