The specialists of the Sportivnaya office of the First BIT Company have completed an automation project for the Russian office of Kyocera Corporation – one of the largest producers of office equipment. Our specialists have organized the transfer of the office’s databases into the cloud structure of the First BIT, have conducted the integration of the 1С:Enterprise 8 solution with the corporate system, created on the SAP basis, have set up the data exchange with the program of the logistics operator and also with the company’s website.

As a result, the stability and the speed of work of web applications have increased. There has been ensured the efficient and rapid formation of accounts according to the Russian Standards of Accounting and also management accounting for the corporation’s head office. Now the company’s managers have online access to the information about the inventory and can make timely plans about delivery. We have ensured constant availability of the necessary range of goods in the warehouses. The office’s clients have got the opportunity to order goods on the website, which increased the number of new orders.

About the Client

The Kyocera Corporation was founded in 1959. Now it is a multibranch international enterprise, one of the major producers of sun modules, office equipment, mobile phones, ceramics and other high-tech products. The corporation’s branches are situated in 68 countries all over the world. The company’s staff consists of more than 70 000 specialists.

The Russian office – Kyocera Document Solutions Rus, LLC – was opened in Moscow in 2009 and is specialized on promotion and delivery of monochrome and web printers, multifunctional devices, large-format products and other solutions, designed for processing office documents.

The Description of the Situation

For management accounting and forming reports the corporation uses automated system created on SAP platform. The Russian office was no exception – since the moment of its establishment, the Moscow office started working in a foreign information system.

However, the Russian legal requirements for accounting and taxation differ substantially from the international standards. That’s why the office’s management decided to use the Russian accounting system also.

Choosing the System

While choosing the system, different factors were taken into account: its reliability, availability, possibilities for adjustment, compliance with the needs of the company and the possibility to integrate with corporate SAP bases. Besides, it was necessary to have possibility to set up remote access to databases at any time and from any computer with internet connection, that’s why it was supposed that cloud technologies would be used.

For these purposes the solutions of 1С:Enterprise 8 system were chosen, and the applications were set up in a western data-center to ensure their regular and uninterrupted functioning.

With the growth of the office the number of employed databases also increased. The foreign hosting could no longer provide the necessary rapidity and stability. Bugs became common.

That’s why the office’s management made the decision to switch to a new hosting. It was also necessary to conduct integration of “1C: Enterprise 8” solutions with the corporate information system and also with the logistics operator’s program.

About the Project

The specialists of the Sportivnaya office of the First BIT Company, with their great experience of integration, adaptation and setup of information systems on different platforms, were invited to realize this project.

According to the client’s needs it was necessary to integrate 1C:Enterprise 8 and SAP in the key areas of work:

  • Sales: registration of goods
  • Logistics: information about shipping and delivery of goods
  • Staff: information about changes in the number of employees and their certification accomplishments
  • Accounting: formation and rendering accounts about the financial activity of the subsidiary

As a result of analysis of the current situation and the formation of requirements to the new hosting it was decided to place the databases in the First BIT’s proper cloud infrastructure.

The project was realized in a short space of time. Within only 3 weeks the First BIT’s specialists set up 3 visual services (terminal, DBMS, Backup), transferred all the six offices’ databases and also users’ workplaces with their individual access rights and work files. They have set up SQL-server, the controller domain, FTP-server and completed the integration of 1C:Enterprise 8 with external NIPPON and WEB.

The change to a new hosting was fast and smooth for users, and the only thing to do was to change IP addresses in the connection settings, and the internal working environment stayed the same. The users were able to work in the conditions they had got used to.

Key results of the project:

  • The stability of the system’s functioning has increased, the bugs have been eliminated, the speed of work of web apps has increased. The working efficiency of the office’s specialists has risen substantially.
  • All the necessary accounting and tax reports are timely formed and filed with the controlling authorities.
  • The integration of 1C:Enterprise 8 solutions with the corporate information system has ensured efficient data exchange between the Russian office and the corporations’ head office. The head office always has current and up-to-date information about the activity of its Russian office.
  • Thanks to adjusted data exchange with the logistics operator’s system, the managers have online access to the information about the inventory and the flow of goods. It allows to keep record of trade operations and also timely plan the delivery of goods, ensuring the constant availability of the necessary range of goods in the warehouses.

The management of Kyocera Document Solutions Rus was satisfied with the results of the project and entered into a maintenance contract with the First BIT Company.

With the help of the Sportivnaya office’s specialists the 1C:Enterprise 8 system is being constantly developed. Only in the last 2 years several major modification projects have been completed:

  • The products of 1C:Enterprise 8 system were updated for new versions, that provide greater opportunities for accounting and management.
  • The system was integrated with the company’s website, that made it possible for the office to offer its clients a new convenient service – ordering products over internet. It increased the clients’ loyalty towards the company and the number of new orders constantly rises.
  • The automatic formation of documentation on an incoming message from the SAP system was realized, and it reduced the needed amount of manual labor and made the work of the company’s specialists even more comfortable.

Today the cooperation between Kyocera Document Solutions Rus and Sportivnaya office of the First BIT Company continues. Now we have plans of the system’s further broadening and modification according to the new needs of the company.

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