Ten good reasons to choose 1C

  • One-stop service from 1C:BIT to ensure fast, hassle-free integration of all your IT processes and applications;
  • Rapid entry into the Russian market (the implementation and deployment of 1C accounting software in Russia is several times faster than for any non-domestic accounting system);
  • Guaranteed compliance with Russian legislation and standards of financial and tax accounting;
  • Fully automated financial records and tax statements;
  • The 1C integrated platform is simple and easy to use;
  • Localization tools and support for a multi-language interface offered as standard;
  • Total cost ownership available in contrast with the expense and difficulty of adapting non-Russian accounting systems;
  • Highly qualified local 1C designers and experts are readily available throughout Russia;
  • Easy access to training and support for 1C designers and users at any of our numerous certified training centers;
  • Comprehensive post-sale support from our team of highly experienced 1C design and implementation experts, including ongoing upgrades.

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